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Murat Yıldırım ~ Interview for Extra Turki ~ 30.01.2014

Due to demand from the fans we have transcribed the television show “Extra Turki” shown on the channel MBC1 on 30 January 2014. 

We would like to thank Fatma Shatou for translating the questions for us.  Thank you to Keii who uploaded the video. The answers given by Murat Yıldırım are a direct transcript, not taken from the subtitling done by the show itself

He has not accepted a project for some time, and this has made everyone miss seeing him. So we brought him to the screen in an exclusive interview only on “Extra Turki”

LD~Your family is from Mardin and the customs and traditions are very similar to  Arab customs.  Tell us more about your origin and family and growing up.

MY~My mother moved from Mardin when she was around 14-15 years old, she married at a very young age, for that period regardless it was a very young age of course.   My father left Mardin after Middle School.  I was able to see Mardin much later.  I was born and raised in Konya.  My father because he worked for the government we moved to other cities, afterwards he was transferred to Adana.  I finished high school in Adana, and then came here to University.  My father knows how to speak Kurdish, my mother knows how to speak Arabic.  At home they would speak Turkish as neither understood the other language.  And for these reason neither I nor my older sister ever learned Kurdish or Arabic.  We used to eat very good food, Mardin style food. Other than that of course I remember being a child with origins from Mardin, its difficulty, I don't know; but during that time the PKK was established in the beginning of the 1980's.  At that point I hear that in the eastern areas the is something, I am of course very young, being from Mardin, from one of the inner villages, being from Mardin, terrorism at the time in the east just starting; what that means to a child I don't know but those were not sweet times for me from what I remember.

LD~You visited Dubai recently ... How was the visit? ... Tell us what is your opinion is of the Arab World?

MY~This was my second trip to Dubai, previously it was to appear on a television program, and to meet people there.  This time I was invited to the Film Festival; my wife, myself and Meltem Cumbul the three of us attended together.  It was a very nice festival.  There a film that I liked very much I got the opportunity to meet with the director.  He has received the Golden Globe award for a movie "Paradise Down" previously. I got the opportunity to watch the movie "Omar", which this film has been nominated for an Oscar.  We made some very good friends in the short time we were there, and when he came to Turkey a short time ago, we got the opportunity to be together again.

LD~In the series "Aşk ve Ceza" and "Suskunlar" you were very charismatic character tell us more....Does this characteristic reflect your own personality or is this only for performing? 

MY~In no role, can an actor not include something that is not from within, completed, I don't think, at least that is the case for me that this has never happened to me.  For example in "Suskunlar", in the character that I portrayed of course I used my own feeling when approaching the role, because they had given me an 18 page storyline to read, and it effected me very much; the situation that the children were in, and of course.  This type of situation exists in all four corners of the world, and its reality was something that effected me in the beginning. There were many scenes that when rehearsing the scenes, believe me, were very bothersome, let me say it this way, some of my friends (meaning cast members) including me from crying so much, we could not shoot the scenes, our nerves were shot. Whether it be "Aşk ve Ceza", "Susukunlar", or "ASI" of course I as an actor, I would use my only emotions when portraying the characters without hesitation. 

LD~Your fans miss you so much and they would love to see you in new project.  I wonder if this new project will like "Suskunlar" because "Suskunlar" was very successful work and fans loved following it.

MY~Last year around this time was when "Suskunlar" ended, and it looks like I am not going to partake in a series this year.  God willing in September with a new project I will be back on the screen.  During this time I want to take advantage with two cinema films.  I have been wanted to be a movie for a long time anyway, and because I was in a series I did not have the opportunity.  Using the summers to fit in a movie in one month was very difficult.  And the timing had to be right.

LD~Everyone knows that you are interested in politics. Tell us what do you think of the situation, which revolves in the Arab world and in Turkey as well.

(In this section of the video there was some breakup so the transcript may be off a bit)

MY~I have always viewed people without considering their political views.  I have never affiliated myself to a specific party only as a citizen when it comes time to vote, I go and vote.  Of course I follow what is happening both in Turkey and the world.  But what comes first is a persons heart, then themselves, then their family, their surroundings, their extended family, and neighbors and as this circles continues to grow afterwards comes the country, the government and actually then the world is how I view things. Meaning I with politics, or the political stances when it comes to people, politics having a effect most definitely on the people.  But I am one who believes that politics needs to serve its people.  As a performer, maybe until now at this age its does not seem that I have done much however, I have always believed that what I have done needs to stay with me secretively.  However lately I have been able to talk more openly thinking that I can use my fame in this area, I am not saying this in a political manner.  For example when someone sees me beloved orphaned children, or persons who are ill, it does not matter, but to use this in this fashion will be beneficial.  I personally have witnessed this.  For the people to see this or for it to be public information is not detrimental is something I am just starting to say to myself. 

LD~Have you heard your voice being dubbed over prior to today?  Many people like the real voice meaning your voice.  What do you think about yourself and your voice in the dubbing?

MY~Yes I heard, a heard a couple of times and the voice was much deeper and nice enjoyable voice.

LD~How was it performing in the series "ASI"?  Many people loved you in "ASI" and you became very famous in this role. Tell us more about this role and how were you in Antakya, where you lived, how was this experience?

MY~When we first went to Antakya, there was no airport in Antakya.  We were going back and forth to Adana.  Of course shooting a series outside of the city if there is no one waiting for you in the city where you live may not be that difficult.  But waiting for me my current wife, and my friends and family of course there was always a feeling of missing Istanbul while working there.

LD~What was it like working with Tuba? Tell us more about your character and fans ask will you act with her again?

MY~It was very difficult for Tuba as well, she also being a woman in Antakya.  By the way Antakya is truly a magnificent city whether it be its people.  In the streets no one says anything harsh to one another or even looks a harsh way, I never encountered it.  I must say that the people were all magnificent.  Afterwards I had rented a house in the village together with Cemal Hünal.  He had horses and along with those horses we would explore the mountains.  Later my friends would come to the house in the village, my wife and family would come and go.  Tuba is very sensitive, actually in her inner world someone that not everyone can understand, a friend.  A very good looking actress on the screen.  We produced a good series together I believe that.  We had some little arguments I remember regarding the scenario.  But these came back to us in a good way, it also tied us to our work much more.  I believe that together we portrayed a good love story, and for this Tuba's success and her contribution is very big.  I remember during that period it was childish things but later on we understood each other better is what I think.

LD~Since you are not currently working during this time, do you watch more television?  Is there anything that you currently enjoy watching?

MY~Last is was “Breaking Bad” was a series that I enjoyed watching.  Other than that as I have time I do follow some Turkish series.  This season mostly the series that my wife is in "Merhamet" is one I watch.  It has nothing to do with the fact that she is performing in it.  The series "Merhamet" is good.

LD~Since your wife is famous as well..  and she has a lot of  beautiful performers, how do you view her performances? 

MY~In the beginning the character is continuing the way they started, and she established this right and there has never been a reason for me to say anything.  If I did say something it would be as a viewer that I would give my opinion not as a performer.  She too would sometimes give her opinions to me as well, and this is a very good thing, because I expect for this.  I am someone who is very opinionated and Burcin sometimes can be more considerate and can express her feelings more wholly. But I criticize myself more.

LD~There are many people that have asked me to please ask you to sing us a song because we often love to hear his voice So can you sing us a song?

MY~Song, I only remember from the series “Firtina“, along with my wife together we had a scene singing to each other, for me that scene oh my God it was very difficult.  Other than that there has never been another opportunity for that type of scene but in a scene in a movie or in a series if I have to sing of course I will sing.  As for my voice, I don't know, I don't think that I am so, when it come to my voice I never really thought about it, but like I said if it is necessary I will sing.  But not now, I know that is what you are waiting for. 

LD~Are you planning to act with you wife again?

MY~Of course, but this may not be a series, it could be a movie or in theater we can perform together. Why not a series because it is something that we have just done recently, maybe in the future this might happen.

LD~You and your wife are in the same profession ...  Does this effect your private life or is it  good that you are both in the same profession?

MY~No absolutely I am not living with any difficulty, quite the opposite I am able to live with this being an advantage because being able to understand me much better is someone who is standing before me.  There is no reason for me to have to explain everything because we are both in the same profession. In the beginning maybe it might have been but now I don't even know when we talk about it anymore.  More conversation regarding life is what it is right now, I can say that we understand each other very well.

LD~We always see in the television series love in a very beautiful form ... What do you think ....Does this type of love exist in real life?

MY~The subject of love is different for everyone because every being not only human being, I would say the desire for love in one way by the grace of God is given to a person.  Everyone has in their own mind or portrait has the ability to fall in love with someone or something.  Sometime you see them falling in love, after some time passes, no it wasn't I recognized it incorrectly are things that some people say.  Everyone of course in their own mind have their own portrait, because love is something that a person needs, of course you cannot become too attached to it, you have to also think sensibly.  I of course fell in love with my wife, but there have been others things in life that I love.  Some people can love an animal, some people fall in love with nature, or someplace that they visit on a regular basis.  Once you think about this sensibly actually without absurdity; of course love is beautiful.

LD~We see you in clips and photos from the press ... Do you get upset that they always show us your sweet images with your wife, always holding hands .. you always show them the love .. Does this effect your life?  Do you get upset by this topic? or no ..you like to show this to the world?

MY~The magazine situation is something that does not match my morals, but sometime you have to put that to the side, as this is my job and those before me are also working people that are trying to do their job;  is something that I have been saying recently and now with this situation I am at peace.

LD~Thank you very much for this Special episode that you provided to us....

MY~I thank you

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED English Transcript is the property of Izleyici Platformu and may not be copied in part or whole without prior written authorization.

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